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The benefits of trusting in
Free-flowing communication between the centre and families

The relationship between schools and families is one of the fundamental pillars underpinning the first stage of nursery education. When the child starts school, it is the first time he steps away from the direct emotional support of their family in order to enter a structured situation of socialization. At that precise moment, the two main educational focuses are set within the context of family and school. And, as a result, it is crucially important to establish a good relationship within this little educational community (principals, teachers, staff, families, children, etc.).

The KinderTIC platform encourages and promotes fast, open and reciprocal communication between the education centre and families, through direct messages, internal messages, digital circulars, emails and notifications. In this way, both parts can get fully involved in the learning development of each child in a coordinated way to achieve an harmonious education process (which is firmly rooted in shared ideals and values and which strives to achieve consistent and common objectives).

Great pedagogical benefits

The KinderTIC has been designed to improve the pedagogical process of any centre for the first stage of nursery education. The tool aims to simplify and streamline the areas of pedagogical management both inside and outside the classroom in order to enhance the learning dynamic significantly.

To this end, via the platform, each of the profiles related to the world of education of our youngest ones receives the appropriate support in order to optimize the tasks that they have to perform in their role.

  • The teaching team can focus their efforts on providing more personalized pedagogical service to each of the children that they are responsible for.
  • Families can constantly monitor the child's development and progress and take part in decisions in terms of criteria for action together with the education centre.

Adapting preschools to the emerging technologies

One of the main features of the digital age in which we now live is the use of technological tools that enable immediate and global communication. The goal is to promote collaboration between users and ensure that all information is within everybody's reach. In contrast to this growing trend, most education centres continue to work using outdated and, in some cases, obsolete communication models

The KinderTIC platform is a Web 2.0 community that provides the solution to the technological gap that exists between society and education centres for the first stage of nursery education. Hosted on cloud computing, this tool is easy to use and specifically designed to fulfill the needs of the educational profiles involved in the learning development of young children.


The KinderTIC platform is a groundbreaking management model for preschools which includes the benefits of operating in the cloud as well as bringing together all of the crucial aspects needed for good pedagogical management.

The tool provides global access to an immediate, safe, intuitive, functional and sustainable platform. It involves the simplification of the educational work process, enabling easy access to an integrated management platform adapted to the needs of each education centre and its pedagogical goals, using any internet-enabled device from absolutely anywhere.

Using the platform ensures significant savings in terms of money and time, as well as environmentally harmful agents. In environmental terms, it should be highlighted that the platform leads to a reduction in waste generated, as the tool operates in a virtual setting, which replaces a large proportion of the perishable materials used by education centres.